By changing the deep rooted beliefs, you can create instant change in your present and your future.

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23 - 31

July 2018

Theta Healing ® Fondation Course, UBUD - Bali - indonesia

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12 - 20

August 2018

Theta Healing ® Fondation Course, Koh Phangam - Thailand

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what is ThetaHealing ?

ThetaHealing is a healing and manifestation technique that uses the conscious energy of the creator to produce fast and permanent change at all levels.


We have come to understand that our belief systems and our past experiences create the realities we experience and shape our environments, including our daily patterns, the emotions, health, wealth and our relationships.


These beliefs are often established and take root during childhood, are passed down from our ancestors, absorbed from group consciousness and even connected to our past lives.


With theta healing, you are empowered with the ability to heal past events, however traumatic they might have been or experienced, this is accomplished by changing the the deepest rooted "negative" beliefs.


By changing the the deep rooted beliefs, you can create instant change in your present and your future.

A ThetaHealing® session is a powerful opportunity to change your life. ThetaHealing is a unique technique that can be used to transform your health, wealth, relationships, and expand your spiritual connection. If you want one on one attention to address what is going on in your life then a ThetaHealing® session is the place to start.

Become a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner in 9 days.

ThetaHealing® classes are for those that want to go trough a massive personal healing, develop their intuition, healing abilities and spiritual connection. You will learn to access and utilize the energy within all things to permanently change beliefs, heal the mind and body, learn to manifest consciously , and increase your intuition in an empowered way.

Koh Phangan,

located in the gulf of Thailand, a stunning beautiful island in a very well preserve nature.

an old historical spiritual place in asia and today a very active and beautiful international community for healing, The abundance of mediation and yoga schools make this island the ideal place to have a life changing experience.


Who is Martin ?

Martin is a teacher and practitioner of Theta healing and has worked in the field of holistic health for more than 10 years. He has helped countless people on their way to optimum health and happiness.


Theta healing master and certificate of science.

Reiki Master teacher

Yoga alliance teacher.


Emotional Freedom Technique.

Matrix energetics.

Access bars consciousness.


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